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HG II Series
Plate Heat Exchanger

Structural Composition

The HG series II plate heat exchanger is composed of a set of herringbone metal corrugated plates with openings, which form a liquid flow channel, and heat will be transferred between the two liquids. This group of corrugated plates is assembled between a fixed plate and a movable compression plate, and is compressed by clamping bolts.

Recommended Applications

HFM plate heat exchanger HG series II can be used for heating or cooling in some specific fields, such as ships, geothermal, power plants, petrochemicals, sugar, dairy and other HA series.


The plate design has two corrugated forms: horizontal corrugated and vertical corrugated. They can meet different pressure drop requirements and suit for different working conditions media.

The corrugated “herringbone” pattern makes more contact points between plates bearing more uniform pressure and ensures turbulent flow in the whole effective area.

Data Required for Correct

Types of Media:

  • Working Pressure
  • Pressure Loss
  • Thermodynamic properties
  • Temperatures
  • Flow rates

Above data determines the choice of heat exchanger

Technical Parameter
  • Painted frame, color RAL 5002 (available in other colors)
  • Stainless steel frame, designed for the food and dairy industry

Both frames come with clamping bolts placed around the frame edge.

Interface information

Metal bushings (stainless steel, titanium or other materials), welding flanges, threaded
pipes, clamps, etc. Other forms of interfaces can be made according to