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Applied & Low Finned Tubes

WinterTech-I: Edge Tension Finned Tube

Applied Finned tubes

WinterTech offers our standard Edge-Tension fin tubes available in similar or dissimilar metals. Edge tension finned tubing is recommended for moderate duty in normal ambient air applications and on most low-temperature air cooled heat exchangers.

During the manufacturing process, fin material is tightly wound around the outside of the tube to secure metal-to-metal contact of the base of  he fin with the tube. The Edge Tension Fin can also be supplied with the WinterTech-I solder or WinterTech-IB brazed fin bond.

WinterTech-IB: Edge Tension Brazed Finned Tube

Applied Finned tubes

Tube Brazed finned tubing from WinterTech offers a solid metallurgical bond between fin and tube, making it ideal for rigorous, high-temperature applications. When the tube expands or shrinks due to temperature changes, the brazed bond never relaxes its grip.

WinterTech Tube offers brazed finned tubing in similar or dissimilar metals for increased heat transfer efficiency.

WinterTech-IS: Edge Tension Soldered Finned Tube

Applied Finned tubes

WinterTech offers two distinct types of soldered finned tubing: root solder and solder-coated. Root soldering involves a special WinterTech technique that uses enough solder to create the bond between the tube and the base of the fin thus avoiding bridging.

Solder-coated finned tubing covers the entire fin and tube surface with the alloy.

Lead-free Tin alloys are available for all soldered products

WinterTech -IT: Edge Tension Corrugated Finnead Tube

Applied Finned tubes

WinterTech Edge Tension Corrugated Finned Tube offers two enhancements to thin-walled tubing. The WinterTech corrugation on the inside diameter of the tube assists in heat transfer by creating a spiral groove.

The WinterTech finned tube is embedded into the groove causing excellenttube to fin engagement. DURA-IT is also available with brazed or soldered fin to tube bond for further heat transfer enhancement

WinterTech-L: L-Footed Finned Tube

Applied Finned tubes

Highly efficient yet cost effective WinterTech L-footed finned tubing offers maximum heat transfer at lower temperatures.The unique L-shape d de sign holds fins rigidly to with stand heat cycling and high velocity air vibration.

The L-Foot Finned Tube can also be offered in following variations to the Fin: Knurled Fin, Double Overlap Fin, Perforated Fin.

WinterTech-G: Embedded Finned Tube

Applied Finned Tubes

WinterTech embedded finned tubing offers exceptional thermal efficiency at higher temperature ranges with solid  fin- to-tube contact. Fins are mechanically locked into a helical groove in the outside of the tube.

Rollers press displaced metal from the groove against the base of the fin to formalasting metal-to-metal bond. The Embedded Finned Tube can also be offered in following variations to the Fin : Perforated Fin.

WinterTech-W: Wrinkle Finned Tube

Applied Finned Tubes

The Wrinkle Fin attachment is a surface variation to the Edge Tension fintube. This enhancements breaks up the air to enhance heat transfer. It uses symmetrical waves in the radial surface of the fin as it contacts the tube.

The fins are tack welded to the tube at each end of the fin section to ensure contact. The fins are also thicker sheet m etal, typically 0.030″ to 0.060″ thick, which m akes them very robust. W rinkle Fin enhancement is commonly used in heavy duty applications and rough environments.

WinterTech-J: Micro Finned Tube

Applied Finned Tubes

WinterTech’s solder coated micro finned tubing provide heat transfer in a variety of cryogenic and biomedical applications. This hypoderm ic needle-sized finned tube is offered in tube OD’s as small as .015″, with fin counts as high as 12 5 fins per inch.

WinterTech-K: Low Finned Tube

Low Finned Tubes

WinterTech Low Fin (Integral) tubing is a type of extruded tubing that consist of shorrt low fins. The low fins. The low fin tube has the adventage of adding surfce area to a smooth tube while maintaining the same outside diameter.

Low fin enhanced tubes can be used in standard shell and tube baffles and tube sheets.

WinterTech-KR: Rifled ID Low Finned Tube

Low Finned Tubes

This WinterTech has the outside diameter surface characteristics of Low-Finned Tubes with the added enhancement of inside diameter rifling.

The rifling grooves of the WinterTech-KR promote turbulant flow and better heat transfer through the tube wall

WinterTech-M: Medium-High Finned Tube

Low Finned Tubes

The WinterTech Medium-High Finned Tube is made from mono extruded copper alloys. The WinterTech-M height is within 0.140” (3.5mm). Extruded fin tube are formed helically out of a mono-metal tube.

The result is an integrally formed finned tube wiith an excellent fin-to-tube uniformity providing exceptional efficiency and longevity.