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Double Side Blowing Evaporator
Cold Room Evaporator

Brief Introduction

Double side blowing air cooler or bilateral blowing air cooler(evaporator) is specially designed for food processing operation workshop,it can blow cool air from double side and very softly. There are 2 series based on different cold storage temperature.

  • ESTJT: cold storage temperature around 0°C ;
  • ESTKT:cold storage temperature around -l8°C;
Features of Evaporator (Air Cooler)
  1. Delicate spray plastic coating casing,but aluminium magnesium alloy or stainless steel plate is optional;
  2. High efficient heat exchanger with staggered copper pipes;
  3. With external rotor motor fan,double side blowing,air flow is soft and low noise operation;
  4. Exquisite stainless steel electric heating tubes are spread evenly with coils to assure the excellent defrosting;
  5. Standard power supply is 380V-3PH-50HZ,and other kinds of power supply is optional;
  6. Stainless steel casing or water pan is optional.
Technical Parameter and Overall Size
Overall and Installation Size