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DOTECH Sensing & Control

DX Series
Universal Intelligent Control

Features of DX series
  • Simple Operation & Authorization Setup Function Per Each Access Code
  • Big Size Graphic LCD (240×128, 5 inch)
  • Error Message & Alarm Display (Operation Status Recording Devise Embedded
  • Reliable Preventative and Maintenance Function
  • Solution against Noise from the External Environment
  • Various Analogue Output Function
  • RS485 Communication Function
  • Compact & Slim Size
  • Various Sensor Lineups
  • IP65 Certification
Recommendation Type for Each Application
HVAC Controller :
  DX100, DX120, DX140
Screw Compressor :
  DX200, DX220, DX240, DX270
Recipro/Scroll Controller :
Multi Rack Controller :
Heat Pump Controller :
  DX230H, DX540H

CX9230 Series
Smart Chiller Controller

Features of CX9230
  • The Wolrd Best High Precision Super PID Control Algorithm
  • Dual Sensor Input Processing
  • Powerful Trip Data Log
  • Various Analog Outputs
  • Multilangual Support
  • Flexible and Reasonable Choice at Competitive Price